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How many generations are used to calculate inbreeding?

As ABS Global celebrates its 80th anniversary, District Sales Manager, Larry Rowden is set to retire on July 31st after 41 years of service.

Larry Rowden joined ABS after working as a Research Assistant at Texas A&M University. In 1979, after working with ABS on Syncro-Mate-B research, Tom Price, Beef Marketing Manager, asked Rowden to apply with ABS. On December 1st, 1979, Rowden started his career with ABS and was assigned to cover the states of Wyoming and Montana. In 1981, he moved to cover Nebraska. Today, his district has expanded to cover Nebraska, Colorado, Western Kansas, and Southeast Wyoming.

“Some of my thought process about going to work for ABS was tied to the fact that hopefully I could be in a position to help people be successful with the use of the synchronization.” Rowden said.

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