REDHILL 672X X004 231A

ASA 2847534

SKU: 29SM0501


$25.00 PER STRAW

Volume Discounts Range Discount
10 percent Discount 50 - 90 10%
20 percent Discount 100 + 20%

Number of Straws


1/4 cc Beef Semen REDHILL 672X X004 231A – 2847534

Physically Imposing Type With Breed Leading Performance

  • Unrivaled in terms of thickness, muscle density and body capacity
  • Added pounds and performance that will move the needle without adding frame and mature size
  • Has demonstrated adaptability to heat and fescue in all phases of development and production
  • Use to produce dense made, thick ended progeny with loads of capacity. Daughters will be tidy uddered, easy fleshing, ideal brood cows
  • DNA tested homozygous black, homozygous polled, 1/2 SM, 1/2 AN